Hi.  I am Debbie Smart, the photographer responsible for taking all of the images shown on this website.

Here you'll find street art and graffiti photography shot in London, Bristol, Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Oslo, Stavanger, Utsira, Lisbon and New York.

I have to acknowledge the amazing talents of all of the street artists, but my favourites are Stik, Alicé Pasquini, DANK, WRDSMTH, Roa, Dale Grimshaw, Dreph, Mr Cenz, Carleen de Sozer, Alexis Diaz, Irony, Rone and Donk.

Just to be clear, all photos are watermarked and at low resolution, to try and stop image theft, your purchased photograph will not be watermarked and will be at high resolution.  Small prints have a 6" x 8" aperture and so each image, as shown here, will lose 1" from the longest side when mounted.  Medium prints will show approx. 98% of the image after mounting.

Any questions? 

Contact me here.